Interviewing a REALTOR®

To assist in making the decision on which agent to choose, here is a list of possible questions to ask the agent:

  1. Where do you think the buyer for my home will be coming from?  Will it be a Move up Buyer (Upgrade), or a Renter (First Time Home Buyer)?
  2. How will you market to this particular buyer?  What proactive steps will you perform to reach this specific targeted buyer other than the 5 P’s?  (Please see the 5 P’s listed below)
  3. What do you do as an agent that is exceptional that sets you “above” the average Realtor in your area? 
  4. What could I do to improve the marketability of my home?
  5. What is the biggest drawback to my home?  (Possible buyer objections), please be candid with me now so that I know what to expect.
  6. Do you think that a buyer incentive is called for on my home?  What incentive would you recommend?

When you are interviewing agents, it is also to your advantage to select an agent who not ONLY performs the 5 P’s, but also have many of the following “proactive marketing strategies” such as:

  • Uses QR codes on sign riders and advertising;
  • Advertises listings on Facebook and other social media;
  • Internet Capability;
  • Direct Mail Program;
  • Personal Advertising Above and Beyond What Their Real Estate Company Advertises;
  • Interior Highlight Cards;
  • Personal Brochure and/or Professional Resume;

The “average” agent will do the 5 “P’s” on a listing property.  They will:

  1. Put A For Sale Sign in Your Yard;
  2. Put Your Home in the Multiple Listing Service;
  3. Put Your Home in Advertising;
  4. Put Your Home on Broker Open house (whether it's a physical open house or just getting feedback from other agents); and,
  5. Put Your Home on Public Open House.